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Our Services

Architectural Engineering

GCC Engineering Consultancy Company offers specialized services in the field of architectural design to its clients, starting from developing the initial architectural concept, planning space distribution, and maximizing its utilization while considering modernity and functional performance.

Structural Engineering

Structural design is considered one of the key stages in the design process, where the architectural concept is transformed into tangible concrete structures while preserving the unique architectural features of the design.

Electrical Engineering

GCC stands out with a distinguished track record in delivering high-quality electrical engineering services, from the design and planning phase to execution! We ensure top-quality products at competitive prices! With access to major manufacturers and suppliers in the Middle East and around the world

Mechanical Engineering

We offer a comprehensive and reliable solution to ensure that your project is carried out efficiently and professionally. We are dedicated to delivering high-quality solutions tailored to your specific needs, making sure your project is a success from start to finish

Interior Design

GCC Engineering Consultancy is specialized in turning the client’s vision into a reality with the utmost precision, elegance, and luxury. We excel in all project phases, including front-end engineering.

Landscape Design

GCC relies on innovation in garden and landscape design, distribution, coordination, and site beautification into hardscape and softscape. Hardscape includes services such as land leveling, walkways, pathways, pergolas, lakes, waterfalls, fountains, lighting, electricity, and irrigation networks.

GCC Engineering Consultancy's Strategic Approach

The client’s requirements are thoroughly examined by a specialized team of consultants and engineers to offer the client the best real estate opportunities that align with their budget. Our team provides a comprehensive service, supported by experience, market success, and research. Every aspect of our advice is driven by 360-degree insights from our multi-disciplinary specialists. With a deep understanding of the most established and emerging real estate sectors, the team informs development decisions at every stage.